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Metal Bending

Robust metal bending capabilities designed for high precision and repeatable manufacturing.

Our Metal Bending Services

Leverage our precision Metal Bending capabilities to achieve attractive curves and angles in rails, extrusions, and other metal products. Our advanced bending techniques ensure accuracy and strength. We provide custom bends to meet your required specifications, ensuring each piece fits perfectly and performs optimally.

Engineering for Metal Bending

Our engineers custom program our metal bending equipment to meet your specs, ensuring each product matches your specific design requirement.

Metal Bending

We expertly shape metals to exact specifications using advanced machinery, ensuring high-quality to-spec metalworks.

Powder Coating

We apply durable marine-grade powder coating for an attractive, durable finish that lasts.

Metal Bending Materials


Lightweight and strong; up to 3x lighter than steel. Naturally corrosion-resistant; superior for marine and outdoor applications.

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  • Door frames for their lightweight and strength
  • Marine hardware and fittings resistant to corrosion
  • Custom machinery components


Cost effective metal (generally less expensive than aluminum) with higher strength and durability.

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  • Structural components in construction for robust support
  • Heavy machinery parts due to high strength and durability
  • Automotive frames and chassis components for toughness
  • Tools and dies for precision machining and forming

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