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OEM Fabricated Parts for the Healthcare Industry

Manufacturing for Healthcare Environments

In medical environments, durable, hygienic, and efficient solutions are essential to ensure patient safety and operational efficiency. Many of the materials we fabricate are available with an antimicrobial option, providing an added layer of protection against harmful pathogens. Additionally, our expertise in solid surface fabrication ensures that our products are non-porous and easily cleaned, making them ideal for maintaining sterile conditions. Organization and storage are critical in medical applications, and our advanced CNC machining capabilities allow us to create precise and robust components that help healthcare professionals stay organized and efficient.

Custom Solid Surface Countertops & Vanities
Clear Acrylic Clean Room Storage Box

CNC Machining Materials Used for Healthcare Environments

Our CNC machines cut a wide range of materials, giving you the ability to tailor solutions to meet unique product demands.


Durable, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant. Popular for outdoor furniture and marine accessories.

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  • Marine and boat components
  • Outdoor furniture and playground equipment
  • Cutting boards and food prep surfaces
  • Exterior signage and displays
  • Material handling and wear strips


Versatile plastic (available clear, tinted, or opaque) commonly used for signage, displays, and protective barriers.

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  • Signage and displays
  • Protective barriers and shields
  • Aquariums and fish tanks
  • Picture frames and photo displays
  • Point-of-purchase displays and retail fixtures

Reinforced Polyurethane

High-density foam composite, lightweight yet strong, ideal for marine and industrial applications.

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  • Marine decking and flooring
  • Boat transoms and bulkheads
  • RV and camper construction
  • Architectural elements in buildings
  • Industrial and transportation components

Laminated Honeycomb PP

Lightweight, rigid honeycomb panel, engineered for a range of structural applications.

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  • Decks and bulkheads in marine manufacturing
  • RV floors, walls and ceilings for weight reduction
  • Lightweight structural components in rail and aerospace
  • Partitions, walls, roofing and floors in construction.

Flexible Vinyl

Durable, waterproof material for flooring, signage, and upholstery, offering easy maintenance.

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  • Healthcare facilities for hygiene and durability.
  • Educational institutions for easy maintenance.
  • Retail spaces for aesthetic versatility.
  • Marine environments; water-resistant qualities.
  • Office buildings for cost-effective flooring.

EVA Foam

Attractive, non-slip foam sheets provide comfort, safety, and traction.

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  • Custom boat decking for comfort and aesthetics.
  • Shelf liners; provides cushioned surface and keeps items from sliding
  • Step pads for comfort and traction in high traffic areas
  • Shower seats for a soft non-slip surface

Composite Lumber

Mimics real wood grain, maintenance-free. Perfect for attractive, weather-resistant outdoor furniture.

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  • Outdoor furniture and playground structures
  • Marine docks and boardwalks
  • Pergolas and arbors
  • Raised garden beds

Solid Surface

Seamless and non-porous; ideal for custom countertops, commercial environments, and healthcare surfaces.

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  • Kitchen countertops and backsplashes
  • Bathroom vanities and shower surrounds
  • Healthcare and dental office surfaces
  • Food service counters and tabletops
  • Reception desks and office furnishings
  • Wall panels and interior cladding

High-Pressure Laminate

Decorative, available in many designs. Easy to clean and maintain; excellent for high-use areas like schools and offices.

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  • Cabinet surfaces and doors
  • Commercial and residential countertops
  • Decorative interior surfaces
  • Restroom partitions and lockers


Cost-efficient, multi-use material. Great for templates, jigs, and budget-friendly structural projects.

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  • Fixtures, jigs, and templates
  • Structural underlayment
  • Construction framing and sheathing
  • Factory work tables and furniture


Consistent density and strength. Smooth surface, easy to paint. Ideal for detailed moldings and millwork.

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  • Interior carpentry, shelving, and furniture building
  • Decorative wall panels and wainscoting
  • Door and window frames

Expanded PVC

Lightweight and easy to fabricate. Great for substrates, signage and lightweight displays.

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  • Upholstery Substrate
  • Signage for indoor and outdoor use
  • Exhibit and display setups
  • Thermoforming projects


Cost effective, thermoformable polymer with a glossy exterior and low moisture absorption.

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  • Protective casings and electrical enclosures
  • Durable signage and point of purchase displays
  • Interior automotive panels and trim


A strong, transparent or opaque plastic, known for its high impact resistance and versatility.

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  • Machine guards in industrial settings for clear visibility and safety
  • Eyewear lenses due to high impact resistance and clarity
  • Roofing materials for light transmission and strength
  • Bulletproof glass for security in vehicles and buildings
  • Automotive components like headlight covers and sunroofs


A durable panel with two metal sheets bonded to a non-metal core, ideal for building cladding and signage.

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  • Exterior building cladding for commercial and residential structures
  • Signage and advertising panels for outdoor and indoor use
  • Interior wall panels and partitions in commercial spaces
  • Column covers and beam wraps to enhance architectural design
  • Vehicle and trailer bodies for lightweight and durable construction


Compact industrial reinforced laminate. Lightweight yet tough — half the weight of aluminum with superior abrasion and impact resistance.

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  • Backing plate coring material
  • Electrical insulators and circuit board substrates
  • High-stress mechanical parts such as gears and bearings
  • Industrial laminates for harsh environments


Exceptionally durable with high impact strength and low friction; ideal for wear-resistant parts and lining systems.

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  • Wear strips and slide guides for machinery
  • Impact-resistant parts for industrial equipment
  • Chute, hopper, and bin liners for material handling
  • Bottle and can line machinery components


Lightweight and strong; up to 3x lighter than steel. Naturally corrosion-resistant; superior for marine and outdoor applications.

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  • Door frames for their lightweight and strength
  • Marine hardware and fittings resistant to corrosion
  • Custom machinery components


Cost effective metal (generally less expensive than aluminum) with higher strength and durability.

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  • Structural components in construction for robust support
  • Heavy machinery parts due to high strength and durability
  • Automotive frames and chassis components for toughness
  • Tools and dies for precision machining and forming

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