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ABS Fabrication

Cost-effective, thermoformable polymer with a glossy exterior and low moisture absorption.

Need ABS Parts?

Our ABS Fabrication Services

CNC machining is one of the most commonly used production manufacturing processes for creating complex, customizable, highly precise, and scalable parts. At Teak Isle, CNC machining is a foundational core competency with 12 state of the art CNC routers. We have the infrastructure and experience to produce high-quality, custom components CNC cut to your specific needs.

ABS CNC Engineering

Our engineering team uses advanced nesting software to optimize sheet yield and determine the most cost-effective order multiples.

ABS CNC Milling

We run 12 heavy-duty 3-axis CNC routers — guaranteeing quality accurate machined parts at the scale your business needs.

ABS Finishing & Assembly

Post CNC Machining, we provide edge-routing, polishing, and assembly services to provide you with a ready-to-use finished part.

ABS Fabrication 101


  • High impact resistance, making it durable and tough
  • Cost-effective production, making it an economical choice for high-volume manufacturing
  • Excellent machinability, easy to mold and fabricate
  • Lightweight, facilitating easy handling and transportation
  • Good chemical resistance, suitable for various environments


  • Low UV resistance, can degrade under prolonged sunlight exposure
  • Not suitable for high-temperature applications due to a low melting point
  • Susceptible to chemical attack from strong acids and bases
  • Can produce toxic fumes when burned, posing health hazards
  • Poor fatigue resistance, may fail under repetitive stress

Common Applications

  • Protective casings and electrical enclosures
  • Durable signage and point of purchase displays
  • Interior automotive panels and trim

Sheet Thicknesses
.06″ – 4″

Common Sheet Sizes
48″ x 96″

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