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Rod Holders and Tool Holders

Teak Isle offers a wide variety of od and tool holders that help increase the boat's convenience and functionality. Rod holders are generally made from poly and can be custom fitted to the boat's unique space restrictions. Rod holders can also be customized to incorporate rod shelves and down rigger cannon ball holders. Teak Isle rod holders often utilize the popular load and lock system, which allows easy rod placement and a firm hold using a bunji chord. Tool holders, such as knife and plier holders, can be custom designed as a separate unit or integrated into other parts such as lids and cutting boards.

Customers can now purchase rod holders and tool holders at our retail website, Boat Outfitters.


  • Wide variety of colors available to match gelcoat colors
  • Variety of hardware options available
  • Can incorporate pvc rod tube chases in rod holder ends
  • CNC cut to ensure consistency


Regulator Head Five Rod Upright
Two Fly Rods Gunwale Mount
Starboard Boat 2 Rod Starboard Rod Holder
Two Rod Gunwale Mount
Load and Lock Rod Holder with Rod Shelf and Down Rigger Ball Holder - empty
Two Rod Deck Storage
Corner Knife and Plier Holder
Load and Lock Rod Holders and Rod Holder Tube Assembly
Cutting Board Beside Sink Lid and Washdown
Starboard Bait Tray with integrated Knife and Pliers Holder
Side Console Load and Lock Rod Holder
Close Up of Bunji on Pontoon Load and Lock Rod Holders
Knife and Pliers Holder with Hinged Sink Lid
Cabin Interior Load and Lock Rod Holder with Rod Closeout Panel and Net Retainer
Acrylic Two Rod and Lure Holder

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